Based in Newcastle upon Tyne, Evolve Aero (Revolver Wheels) as a brand has been growing steadily in the UK since 2014.  This marked the introduction of the TT/Triathlon specific Revolver disc wheel,  designed and hand-built by company founder and bicycle aerodynamics obsessive Harry Walker.  This fascination with aerodynamics began over 30 years ago after witnessing  Francesco Moser brake the world one hour record riding a low profile machine using front and rear solid disc wheels. Harry began designing and making aerodynamic equipment including helmets, pedals and handlebars for use in time-trials and was soon to establish the Guru Dynamics brand as one of the most popular TT aero helmet manufacturers on the UK race scene in the late nineties and into the new millennium.  Harry also developed a limited number of carbon fibre-steel hybrid time-trial frameset modules which he road to many national championship medals, British records and over 400 individual TT wins.  It took big brand manufacturers a decade to catch up and market designs that could even come close to matching the aerodynamic profiling and integration of these TT frame designs.  Now, that passion to innovate is not only driving Revolver to produce the fastest wheels out there, but to also make them accessible to everyone without that prohibitive price tag.

Harry Walker Old Bike
Harry Walker Old Helmet

Successes in 2015 saw the Revolver disc wheel ridden to many National championship medals and major TT event wins, being used on the road by Olympic champions, world record breakers and Iron distance Pro athletes by choice.  An impressive boast to be able to make in such a short space of time, but performance ‘speaks for’ and ‘promotes’ itself.

2016 has continued to be an exciting time for Revolver for two reasons.  The first being the introduction of the all new ‘ASYMM’ 11 speed disc wheel.  Our range topping model that uses the concept of asymmetrical design.  A worlds first! conceived by Harry Walker, thinking outside the box and developed over a twelve month period. This wheel has been ridden to countless wins, championship medals, national records and culminating in a Time Trial Gold Medal Winning ride in Rio by Dame Sarah Storey. We’re not afraid to make the bold claim that we consider the ‘Asymm’ to be the fastest full 11 speed compatible road wheel in the world and challenge any other manufacturer to prove otherwise!

The second reason and for us just as exciting, was the expansion of the Revolver brand by way of the introduction of our new range of deep carbon fibre wheelsets.  These wheels, as you’d expect use the latest wide rim, cutting edge profiles, the worlds fastest spokes and precision, Swiss made hubs.  Our own brief here was simple! To produce hand-built high performance wheels that are unbeaten within their price band.

2017 sees the introduction of the Kronostok ‘FWS’ models.  A range that sits above the established Kronostok models in terms of lightness and stiffness through sophisticated manufacturing processes.  A new choice of bolder wheelset decal options as well as our familiar stealth  look now becomes available also.  All Kronostok models have now been added to the UCI official list of ‘Approved Wheels’.  For the competitive rider this stamp of approval allows their use in all UCI road races & ITU/ETU drafting Triathlon events, something that’s now become increasingly important to Age Group athletes when choosing race day wheels.

We also see the introduction of the new Kronostok ‘D’ series. A disc hub brake range boasting outstanding braking performance over calliper breaking systems aimed at the new generation of road disc bikes as well as the growing CX (cyclocross) race scene.

And perhaps the most exciting development for 2017 is the introduction of our two new Trispoke front wheel options. The standard ‘3’ model and its big brother the ‘MD3 Concept’.  Once again as  with the Asymm disc it was back to the drawing board looking at things with a different approach.  As a result the innovative ‘MD3 Concept’ was born.  A Trispoke-Minidisc hybrid with a performance that lives up to its appearance.  A wheel designed for the sharp end of competition thats unmistakably ‘Revolver’.