ERGO MANTIS XL Carbon Fibre Tribar Arm Rests


Ergo Mantis models have been developed specifically to accommodate riders who use the popular upright forearm or ‘Mantis’ Tribar position.  The majority of riders who visit a Wind Tunnel or undergo aero specific track testing to improve their cda figure will adopt this position to some degree.   The optimum upward angle of the forearm will differ from rider to rider due to individual influencing factors such as body shape as well as flexibility.  There’s no set rule to follow here but the Ergo Mantis concept will work effectively with even the shallowest of forearm angles.

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These are regularly purchased along with one of our wedges 10, 15 & 20 DEGREE SIDE BY SIDE BOLT ARM REST WEDGES or 10, 15 & 20 Degree Arm Rest Wedges

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The Ergo Mantis XL armrests are in essence an elongated version of our regular Ergo Mantis.  This elongation results in a 30% increase in forearm support as well as the ability to position the rests up to 30mm further back on the tribar mounts which may be crucial in achieving optimal positioning.  The XL itself also benefits from improved aerodynamic profiling from all angles.

How do they work?

Once a rider adopts this position it typically becomes more comfortable to move the tribar arm rests right back to the elbow joint as opposed to under the forearm, with many riders actually needing to perch the elbow in the middle of the arm rest.  This usually results in excessive unwanted ‘fore aft’ movement and a degree of instability due to a smaller contact point.

Ergo Mantis arm rests securely hold a rider locked into their most aerodynamic position effortlessly.  This is possible through the clever ergonomic support design that wraps around the back of the elbow as well as the side.  This comfortable solution allows a rider greater focus upon the race effort itself.   These rests also isolate the elbow joint from fore aft movement which even at a micro level is wasting energy and therefore compromising efficient power delivery.  A truly bio mechanic advantage never tapped until now.

Ergo Mantis XL are available pre-drilled or un-drilled and allow a good degree of width and fore/aft adjustment.   For level set integrated cockpits either 10, 15 or 20 degree Aluminium wedges will be required to fit directly under each arm rest.  The appropriate bolts are supplied for each wedge angle but if any bolts look too short for your tribar mounts please consult a bike mechanic before fitting.  If your tribar arrangement calls for larger diameter M6 bolts then the pre-drilled armrest holes can be made larger by passing a 6mm drill bit through the 2x holes that are needed for your position.  Un-drilled rests are easily drilled using a regular HSS drill bit.  A 2mm pilot hole should be drilled prior to the final size bit usually 5mm or 6mm in diameter to accept M5 or M6 bolts.

These are regularly purchased along with one of our wedges 10, 15 & 20 DEGREE SIDE BY SIDE BOLT ARM REST WEDGES or 10, 15 & 20 Degree Arm Rest Wedges


Material 4mm base tapering to 2mm upstands
Pads Adhesive backed 10mm black Neoprene foam
Weight 100g (pair) carbon rests only


Left & Right (each rest)
Width 90mm max
Length 125mm max
Height 45mm rear, 45mm side – curving down to front

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Hole Option

Pre-drilled, Un-drilled

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