First thing I did notice was the comfort and smoothness. I’m used to wide bed rims and 23mm tyres on the road bike but this was a revelation on the TT bike. There are some sections of very poor chip seal surface and a number of cattle grids on that course and I kept checking I was not flatting there were that smooth!

Second thing I noticed was the consistent handling. Once I’d climbed to the course highpoint it was a fast run for 8 mile back down the valley. Fast, twisty and exposed. Handling was spot on, gentle show in cross winds with no snatching (wondering if I could have chanced that 88mm now!). Max speed was just short of 50mph and I had the confidence to stay on the extensions. The braking was also fantastic (race was dry). There was some hard braking sections and no grabbing at all. I thought the pads looked a bit aggressive for carbon compared to my Reynolds Blue and Corima cork but they were very good.

Last revelation was the stiffness of the disc. There was a fag paper clearance at the chain-stays on my Argon 18 E-116 so was a bit nervous as there was a 39×23 climb for over a mile to get back up to the finish leg and even out of the saddle and big power numbers the wheel didn’t budge. No brake rub and no marks from the tire on the frame and it would have been obvious with it being white!

Thanks again. Took me a while to convince myself that I wouldn’t notice the extra 500gm on a SPOCO course but don’t need convincing now. Would recommend your wheels to anyone.